Please read the following thoroughly before registering.

Beginning Students

Beginning Junior Cloggers students should be at least 8 years of age (3rd grade) to enroll in the beginning class. There is a limit of 10 students per class.  Registering before August 15th will waive the $15 registration fee.  First month's tuition of $25 will secure your spot in class.  Payment can be made through Google Wallet at JuniorCloggers@gmail.com checks payable to Junior or by mailing a check to Junior Cloggers at 2092 NW Aloclek Dr #501, Hillsboro, OR 97124.  For specific questions about age requirements or about joining late, contact Junior Cloggers directly 

Students ages 4-7 years old may take clogging by registering through www.PercussiveDance.com. These classes are taught at the same location, but through a different instructor/business and are not technically Junior Cloggers students.

Continuing Students

At the conclusion of each school year in June, students and teachers together discuss placement for the following year.  Most students advance to the next level of progression, though sometimes students feel more comfortable repeating a level, which is completely okay!  Occasionally, students who work extra hard and show real dedication can skip to a higher a level, or do two levels at the same time.  Class tryouts may be recommended by the teacher in September.

Clogging Shoes

White clogging shoes are recommended for the first week of class and required by the second week of class. Unfortunately, there are no local stores currently selling clogging shoes. Shoes can be ordered online through a few different sites, but best way to get the most for your money is by contacting Junior Cloggers directly and having them order what you need at the wholesale price. Junior Cloggers puts in a shoe order several times throughout the year. The the total prices for a split-sole, white, all leather clogging shoe, with taps installed, including shipping is $83. Sizes tend to run small, and most students order a half size or whole size larger than their street shoe size. Please place your orders early to ensure delivery before classes begin.

Shoe Exchange. At the studio, there is a shoe shelf for used shoes that are for sale by their owners. Often students will sell outgrown shoes at a discounted price. The sizes and prices should be labeled on the bottom of these shoe. Feel free to try them on and pay the owner directly and to add your used clogging shoes once they are out gown. These shoes usually they sell fairly quickly, especially at the beginning of the year.

Tuition is $50/month, except for the months of Sept and Dec, which are half price because there are half the amount of classes.  Tuition is due by the first class of each month. You are welcome to pay each month or several months at once. 

There is a yearly $15 registration fee, which can be waived if you register and pay before August 15th.

Payments can be made in one of the following ways:

  • Payment Dropbox. At the studio, you may drop tuition into the payment box labeled “Clogging Classes."  Please make checks payable to Junior Cloggers.  If paying cash, please make sure it is in an envelope with the student's name on it so that we know who to credit.
  • Mail.  Checks can be mailed directly to the studio at 2092 NW Aloclek Dr #501, Hillsboro, OR 97124.  Many students use an auto payment through their bank so that a check is automatically mailed without worry. Please make checks payable to Junior Cloggers.
  • Google Wallet.  Payments can also be sent electronically by using Google Wallet, a free and secure service.  Please send to JuniorCloggers@gmail.com.

Please do not contact the instructor during classes regarding tuition or balances, it is a busy time for them.  Any questions concerning tuition or balances should be emailed directly to Junior Cloggers at JuniorCloggers@gmail.com with "TUITION" in the subject line.  This is the fastest way to get an accurate response.

Referral Discount: If you refer a new member to Junior Cloggers, you earn a $25 credit (or half price tuition).  Your name must be written on their registration form under the "How did you hear about Junior Cloggers?" section.  Only one discount per referral.  If two people join the class because of your wonderful recommendations, you will get two months at half price.

Family Discount: If there are multiple members from one household taking classes with Junior Cloggers, the first student is full price and each subsequent student receives a 20% discount ($40). For example, two siblings would be $90 a month instead of $100.

Student Etiquette
Students are expected to be on time to class, and parents are expected to be on time to pick them up.  If a student will be missing a class, you must notify the instructor ahead of time.  If students are absent it is their responsibility to learn the steps that were taught while they were gone. This can be done by reviewing the emailed videos or by getting together with a classmate to go over what was missed.  If students have too many absences they may not be allowed to perform or progress to the next level.

No eating during class.  Students use a lot of energy during class and it is advised to eat a snack before to be able to dance at maximum ability.

Please use the restroom before or after class, not during class.

What to Bring to Class
Please bring a spill-proof water bottle as there is no drinking fountain at the studio.  If needed, bottles of water are available to purchase for $1 at the studio.  Attire should be casual and allow for easy movement, no jeans. Any type of workout clothing is fine, no jeans. And of course don’t forget clogging shoes, comfortable socks, and no jeans!

Home Practice
Practicing outside of class is required for all students to progress to the next class level.  When students review and remember the steps taught from the previous week, it greatly reduced the amount of time in class spent relearning steps that were already taught.  All students should practice regularly at home, reviewing the steps learned in the previous class. This greatly reduces review time spent in class.  Students and parents are encouraged to take advantage of the last 5 minutes of class which is set aside for taking videos of dance steps or choreography that was taught that day. The instructor will also frequently email out links to videos that should be use for home practice.  These are private links which can only be view through the link in the email.

Holidays, Etc.
Classes are held according to the Hillsboro School District Calendar. If there is a school holiday we will not have class. This does not apply to teacher prep days, conferences, etc. If school is cancelled due to the weather, you will be notified of the cancellation.


Performing is one of the best ways for students to improve, gain confidence, and to show what they have been working on in class. Throughout the year, students will have many opportunities to perform in the community. Our biggest performances include our Mid-year Clogging Recital, clogging competitions in early spring, and the end of the year Dance Studio Showcase.  All are great events for the whole family to attend!

There is a one time yearly costume fee of $42 due in September.  This covers all costumes and alterations throughout year and the required Junior Cloggers T-shirt which is also used for performances.  Junior Cloggers keeps all costumes from year to year, but students get to keep the T-shirt.

T-Shirt Design Contest

At the beginning of each year, there is student T-shirt design contest!  Students who would like to participate may submit their design and have a chance to win an extra T-shirt, King sized-candy bar of their choice, and recognition of their design at performances and on the Junior Cloggers website.

Most communications and updates are done via email. If your do not have email or do not regularly check email, please let the instructor know.

Everyone must have fun! This is recreational dance and the goal is for each dancer to become confident, active, and love to dance.

Questions, Concerns, Suggestions
Class time is busy for instructors.  In order to service you best, please email the instructor directly at JuniorCloggers@gmail.com   with any questions, concerns, or suggestions year.

Congrats! Give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve made it to the end of this really long policies page!

Thank you for reading it thoroughly :)

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