Welcome to the only clogging and power tap studio in the Portland area with classes for Youth, Teens, and Adults.
High Standards

At Junior Cloggers, we maintain high standards in all of our choreography, costumes, and music selections.  We pride ourselves in being clean and modest; a far difference from how dance is often portrayed in the media.  We want all dancers to feel comfortable expressing themselves through movement, as well as those observing the dance.

Fun & Friendly

Junior Cloggers is a recreational dance group where the number one aim is to have FUN!  High energy routines mixed with a variety of personalities  and upbeat music bring a feeling of unity and understanding.  Strong friendships are formed as students learn together as a team.  High quality instruction is frequently mingled with laughter and smiles.

Confidence Building

Learning a new skill doesn't have to be scary.  As each student learns together by starting on the same page, a supportive environment is created and no student is overlooked.  Even  the seemingly most shy personality can blossom as never imagine, as they overcome their fears and feel the immense sense of accomplishment that comes with learning a new skill, like dancing and performing.

Clogging & Power Tap


COVID-19 update:  We apologize that all Junior Cloggers classes are suspended until further notice.